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Логотип сериала

Что такое Invader ZIM ?

Мультипликационный сериал про инопланетного агрессора по имени ЗИМ, его робота и остальных фриков, населяющих планету Земля.
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Здесь перечислены эпизоды в том порядке, как они были впервые показаны.
Пусть вас не пугает путаница в чередовании номеров эпизодов ибо на самом деле их можно смотреть как угодно, совершенно не по порядку:)

Номер эпизода Впервые показан Название эпизода
P-1 UNAIRED 3-D Test
Season 1
01 30-Mar-2001 The Nightmare Begins
03A 06-Apr-2001 Parent Teacher Night
03B 06-Apr-2001 Walk of Doom
02A 13-Apr-2001 Bestest Friend
04B 13-Apr-2001 NanoZIM
04A 20-Apr-2001 Germs
02B 20-Apr-2001 Dark Harvest
05A 27-Apr-2001 Attack of the Saucer Morons
05B 27-Apr-2001 The Wettening
06A 04-May-2001 Career Day
06B 04-May-2001 Battle-Dib
07A 17-Aug-2001 A Room with a Moose
07B 17-Aug-2001 Hamstergeddon
08A 24-Aug-2001 Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain
08B 24-Aug-2001 Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
09A 31-Aug-2001 Planet Jackers
09B 31-Aug-2001 Rise of the Zitboy
10A 07-Sep-2001 Plague of Babies
10B 07-Sep-2001 Bloaty's Pizza Hog
12A 21-Sep-2001 Bolognius Maximus
12B 21-Sep-2001 Game Slave 2
16 26-Oct-2001 Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom
Season 1
14A 22-Mar-2002 Mysterious Mysteries
14B 22-Mar-2002 Future Dib
11A 29-Mar-2002 Door to Door
11B 29-Mar-2002 FBI Warning of Doom
13 05-Apr-2002 Battle of the Planets
18A 12-Apr-2002 Abducted
18B 12-Apr-2002 The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot
17A 26-Apr-2002 Megadoomer
17B 26-Apr-2002 Lice
20 10-May-2002 TAK: The Hideous New Girl
19A 24-May-2002 GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff
19B 24-May-2002 Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom
15A 12-Jul-2002 Hobo 13
15B 28-Sep-2002 Walk for Your Lives
29B/30A 10-Dec-2002 The Most Horrible X-mas Ever
Season 2
21 UNAIRED Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars
22B UNAIRED The Girl Who Cried Gnome
25B UNAIRED Dibship Rising
24B UNAIRED Vindicated!
24A UNAIRED The Voting of the Doomed
22A UNAIRED Mortos der Soulstealer
25A UNAIRED ZIM Eats Waffles
26 UNAIRED Gaz, Taster of Pork
23 UNAIRED The Frycook What Came from All that Space
27A UNAIRED Roboparents Gone Wild
27B UNAIRED Simon Says Doom
28A UNAIRED Invader Poonchy
28B UNAIRED Nubs of Doom
30 UNAIRED Top of the Line
31A UNAIRED Return of Keef
32A UNAIRED Mopiness of Doom
32B UNAIRED Those!
34 UNAIRED The Trial
UNAIRED Day of Da Spookies
UNAIRED Ten Minutes to Doom
UNAIRED It Feeds on Noodles
UNAIRED Squishy: Hugger of Worlds
UNAIRED unknown
UNAIRED unknown
39 UNAIRED [ untitled ] (1)
40 UNAIRED [ untitled ] (2)
TV Movie
M-1 UNAIRED Invader Dib


ZIM ZIM is an outcast, but doesn't realize it. His one goal in life is to prove himself to be great, and wants to destroy the humans more than anything else. He's severely afraid that the humans will capture him -- probably after watching too many sci-fi movies.

GIR He is probably the most liked character in Invader ZIM. GIR proves himself time and time again to be a stupid robot with a great sense of humour. He wasn't a proper robot, but was manufactured in a few seconds by the Almighty Tallest out of trash. No one knows what the "G" stands for.

GAZ Gaz is Dib's scary sister. She's very gothic. She hates the human race, although probably not as much as ZIM. She would rather spend her life alone with her Game Slave than try and find a good friend.

DIB This character is a very mad paranormal fan. He looks for aliens and such in his free time. A lot of people in SKOOL think he's crazy. After a lifetime of being unable to turn up proof of any real para science, he is desperate to prove that ZIM is an alien -- by any means necessary.

Небольшой FAQ

  • How old is ZIM? Alot of discussions and debates have been on this, but Jhonen says he is older then ANY living human!
  • Is "Invader ZIM" cancelled? Yes, yes, and still yes, no matter what Hot Topic employee or tabloid newspaper told you otherwise.
  • Will there be any new episodes? Yes, six episodes of season two are still going to be aired, probably sometime in late winter to spring 2003. Thirteen episodes of season two were were not completed, and will never be unless NICK renews the show. If NICK ever did decide to renew the show (which will not happen, no matter what Hot Topic employee or tabloid newspaper told you otherwise), Jhonen Vasquez and Steve Ressel have already expressed that they wouldn't return to the show. A good deal of the rest of the crew already have new jobs, so it's unlikely that they would return. If ZIM was renewed, it would be with a different crew, and the show would never be the same. Probably.
  • Who is Jhonen? Jhonen Vasquez is the creator of Invader ZIM. He's also the creator of a bunch of violent and strange (but also very cool and funny) comics: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE!, I Feel Sick, Fillerbunny, The Bad Art Collection, and the upcoming Saturday Morning Nightmare. His latest work is Everything Can Be Beaten, which he wrote but didn't illustrate.
  • Is it true that there is an Invader ZIM comic? Yes! Nickelodeon Magazine's Nicktoons special issue number 5 has a special four-page Invader ZIM comic, created by Jhonen Vasquez himself! It's very good. You can read it here.
  • Who's Minimoose? Minimoose was to become a new main character later on in season 2. Since season 2 was cut short, we'll never see his premiere episode, although he does appear in The Most Horrible Christmas Ever. Minimoose is a small purple moose with big buck-teeth. He doesn't speak, but he does squeak (and the squeak is done by Jhonen Vasquez himself!). He was created by ZIM to be a weapon of mass doom, with an enormous amount of firepower hidden in his nubs (Kind of Like GIR in Bloaty's Pizza Hog) (his premiere episode was entitled Nubs of Doom, by the way). But he fails, of course, and now he hovers around ZIM's house, squeaking pointlessly.
  • Where can I find the music for ZIM? At Kevin Manthei's official home page, you can download a few songs from the early episodes. Kevin released an official ZIM soundtrack at the end of 2002, but only people who requested it received it. There was also an internet radio show called the Anime Stuff Z Invader ZIM-phony Special, featuring a half-hour interview with Kevin Manthei, which was broadcast throughout September and October of 2002. The complete show was made into a CD and 100 copies were sold after the show was over. Both the ZIM Sountrack and the ZIM-phony Special were limited releases, and neither can be bought (legally) anymore.
  • Is there an official ZIM font? Yes! You can download it or the Irken font here.
  • What's up with the Irken font? A translation chart of the Irken alphabet can be found at There is also a font version of the chart floating around on the Internet which was based on the chart.